"> Module 1 Development Fundamentals : 170 hours – Code Immersives

Module 1 Development Fundamentals : 170 hours

Foundational basics of web development including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Module 1: Development Fundamentals, 170 hours

1 class session = 3 hours|1 lab session = 3 hours

In Module 1, students will learn foundational browser technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and learn to layout and design user interfaces. They will come to understand the basics of how web apps work, and begin to explore APIs and full-stack applications. They’ll learn object oriented design, and build their first application(s) while learning the fundamentals of web development. By the end of this module, students will have an understanding of:

  • Object-Oriented Design
  • HTML and CSS fundamentals
  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • JQuery fundamentals
  • Algorithms + Data Structures
  • Build their first web application(s)

Grading: Grading for Module 1 will be based on in class assignments, homework assignments to be completed during lab hours, and a final project where students will build their own web application.

Books: Extensive online material will be leveraged throughout this module such as online tutorials and YouTube videos that may shift as new resources become available. However, two physical books will be leveraged:

  • HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett
  • JavaScript & JQuery by Jon Duckett

(Module 1 is made up of 30 class sessions and 27 lab sessions)

C1: Introduction to Module 1

  • Looking at the history of the internet from it’s conception
  • Origins of coding languages
  • Introduction to course curriculum, grading break down, course objectives

C2: Object-Oriented design

  • Introduction of an overview of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery
  • General Software Development
  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Databases

C3: HTML fundamentals: the language of HTML

  • Learning the basic HTML language
  • Marking up textual context in HTML

L1: HTML fundamentals assignment using mark up language basics

C4: HTML fundamentals
  • Creating lists
  • Organizing data
  • Forms and table

L2: HTML fundamentals assignment: building forms and tables

C5: HTML fundamentals: adding images and assets
  • Adding images with HTML
  • Sizing and positions in HTML

L3: HTML fundamentals assignment: adding images

C6: HTML fundamentals: Building a website using HTML
  • basic website code functionality with images and text
  • Headings / Paragraphs
  • Styles / Formatting

L4: HTML fundamentals assignment: Building a website using HTML exercise part 1

C7: HTML fundamentals: Building a website using HTML
  • Creating menus and navigation
  • Creating multiple pages
  • Links
  • Tables
  • Blocks
  • Layout
  • IFrames

L5: HTML fundamentals assignment: Building a website using HTML exercise part 2

C8: HTML fundamentals: Introduction to HTML5
  • Differences / evolution of HTML languages from beginning to HTML 5

L6: HTML fundamentals assignment: Building a website using HTML exercise part 3

C9: CSS coding with style: Introduction
  • Intro to CSS
  • Syntax
  • Selectors

L7: CSS coding with style assignment

C10: CSS coding with style
  • Backgrounds
  • Text
  • Fonts

L8: CSS coding with style assignment

C11: CSS coding with style
  • Links
  • Lists
  • Tables

L9: CSS coding with style assignment

C12: CSS coding with style
  • Box Model
  • Borders and Outlines
  • Margins
  • Padding
  • Dimensions

L10: CSS

C13: CSS coding with style
  • Display
  • Setting Max-width
  • Positions
  • Float Align

L11: CSS coding with style assignment with displays, positions and floating

C14: CSS coding with style: Website implements
  • Navigation bar
  • Images / Image Galleries
  • Media Types

L12: CSS navigation bar and image gallery assignment

C15: JavaScript
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript working with HTML
  • Output / Syntax

L13: JavaScript assignment: bL13asic JavaScript assignment

C16: JavaScript
  • Statements
  • Comments
  • Variables

L14: JavaScript assignment adding comments to a site

C17: JavaScript
  • Operators
  • Arithmetic
  • Assignment

L15: JavaScript operators and arithmetic assignment

C18: JavaScript
  • Data Types
  • Functions
  • Objects

L16: JavaScript data assignment

C19: JavaScript
  • Scope
  • Events
  • Strings / String Methods
  • Math / Dates / Date Formats and Methods

L17: JavaScript formulating dates assignment

C20: JavaScript
  • Numbers and Number Methods
  • Dates
  • Using JavaScripts with CSS and HTML

L18: JavaScript with HTML and CSS

C21: jQuery fundamentals
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Syntax
  • jQuery and JavaScript
  • Selectors
  • Events

L19: jQuery with JavaScript assignment

C22: jQuery fundamentals: Effects
  • Hide/Show
  • Transitions: Fade, Slide
  • Animate

L20: jQuery effects assignment part 1

C23: jQuery fundamentals: Effects continued
  • Stopping
  • Callback
  • Chaining

L21: jQuery effects assignment part 2

C24: JQuery fundamentals with HTML
  • Get
  • Set
  • Add / Remove

L22: jQuery with HTML assignment

C25: jQuery fundamentals with CSS
  • jQuery and CSS working together and trouble shooting
  • dimensions

L23: jQuery with CSS assignment

C26: Building your first Web Application project
  • Discussion on their proposals for Module 1 final project, building a web application

L24: Write proposal for Web Application project

C27: Web Application Project Pitches and Critiques

L25: Work on Web Application project

C28: Algorithms + Data Structures
  • Problem Solving with algorithms and data structures
  • Built-in Atomic Data Types
  • Built-in Collection Data Types
  • Input and Output String Formatting
  • Control Structures
  • Exception Handling
  • Defining Functions

L26: Work on Web Application project

C29: Algorithms + Data Structures
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Implementing Stacks, Abstract Stack Data Types
  • Converting Decimal Numbers to Binary Numbers

L27: Work on Web Application project