The Best Total Immersion Programmer Training In NYC.

Web Development Immersive Programming School <span>NYC</span>

Web Development Immersive

The Code Immersives Web Development Immersive program consists of 12 courses of 75 hours each, for a total...

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AWS CSA <span>Introduction</span>

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Cloud Computing Architecture is an AWS Academy program is designed to develop technical expertise...

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Financial Aid

Digital Film Academy participates in Title IV Federal Student Financial Assistance programs. Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents may qualify for one or more of the following financial assistance programs.

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G.I. Bill Eligible Coding Courses

Thank you for your service to our country, now it's our turn to serve you. Use your G.I. Bill to help you pay for our web development courses. Code Immersives is V.A. Authorized for G.I. Bill. Veterans Education Benefits. Qualified veterans and dependents are eligible for educational benefits while attending programs at DFA Code Immersives. Contact the Code Immersives Admission Office for immediate assistance.

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Our Students

Programs for veterans and international students.



WELCOME VETERANS! You served your country. Now it's our turn to serve you. Code Immersives is V.A. Authorized for G.I. Bill. VETERANS EDUCATION BENEFITS Qualified veterans and dependents are eligible for educational benefits while attending programs at DFA Code Immersives. Contact the Code Immersives Admission Office for immediate assistance.

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International <span>Students</span>

International Students

Digital Film Academy's Code Immersives is authorized to enroll foreign students under the F1 student visa. Please take notice – visas take time to process. We strongly suggest that you contact Admissions at TO OBTAIN AN I-20 First apply to the DFA Code Immersives (either online or by mailing or faxing an application).

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Employment Assistance

Employment Assistance

Our employment assistance services are available to graduate students seeking industry employment. We can help students prepare for interviews, and introduce students to major digital talent agencies that place candidates into open positions in fortune 500 companies.

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HTML5, CSS3 & Responsive Design

Starting from no assumption of prior knowledge of these technologies, students are taught the latest standards and best-practices for HTML5 and CSS3. Innovations in Responsive layout are covered, including Flexbox, CSS Gri... Read more

Logic, Data Structure and Algorithm

Logic and algorithmic thinking have always been an essential part of learning in Computer Science. In Code Immersives you will get a full spectrum of education in Computer Science, data-Structure, Run-Time, and problem-solving...

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Application Programming Interfaces (API’s)

Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) are web data services, which can be integrated into the developer’s applications. API’s are like building-block components that add power and functionality to websites. In this ... Read more

MongoDB, Express.js, React.js & Node.js

MERN is a cutting-edge Javascript-based, full-stack solution for creating SPA’s (Single Page Applications). It encompasses MongoDB (a NoSQL database), Express.js (a Node framework), React.js (a frontend JS Library develop... Read more


Advanced Javascript

Javascript has evolved rapidly in recent years to meet an increasing set of demands and opportunities. With EcmaScript2015 (ES6), Javascript became a fully Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. ES6 has also seen the eme... Read more

Javascipt Libraries

Up to this point in the training, aside from some jQuery, students will have been working almost exclusively in what is known as Vanilla Javascript. Vanilla JS refers to code that is free of external dependencies, such as framewor... Read more

Servers, Systems and Networks & Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a vast and rapidly expanding ecosystem of cloud-based services, including, but not limited to, web hosting, data security and data analytics. AWS is based on a virtual server paradigm, where customers can ... Read more

Tech News

Jeff Bezos reveals what it's like to build an empire and become...


Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of Business Insider's parent company, Axel Springer, recently sat down with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to talk about the early days of creating Amazon...

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Yawn: Amazon cloud business just keeps rolling along.


It's almost becoming boring reporting that the Amazon cloud had a monster quarter. It's not news at this point, because of course, they did. Yesterday, it once again blew away analyst...

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Meetup => Thur Apr 19 => Code Immersives presents...


In this Meetup, we will continue with our JS Slideshow from last time.* We will upgrade the slideshow by allowing the user to choose from a menu of photo galleries. An AJAX function...

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