"> Introduction – Code Immersives


Our students form code development teams to train under real world conditions and become qualified Full Stack Web Developers.

  • In this 900 hour course, students become junior-level developers through full immersion in a project based learning approach.
  • Students will build several applications, from simple websites, to full-stack applications, to larger distributed applications in a team setting.
  • Students will develop their own ideas into a functional web applications while creating a portfolio of their first several applications.
  • Students are taught how to be professional full-stack developers capable of building a scalable product with a team of developers.
  • Students will be required to use the same development tools that are used in real world web application development including gnu/Linux, BSD, apache, python, git, Java, Javascript and Ruby.
  • Students will be tested on material through in-class assignments, homework assignments and a final thesis project.