Web Development Immersive Course in Bronx

Coding Course Bronx

Coding Course Bronx
Web Development Immersive Course for Students in Bronx, New York

Code Immersives offers fully immersive web development courses for the Bronx, New York-based students. The Code Immersives campus is located right in the heart of Manhattan, making our course the best coding course Bronx residents have access to. If you are in need of a programming boot camp or coding course in Bronx, NY coming to our campus is an easy commute. If you are interested in becoming a web developer or programmer, searching for a coding boot camp in Bronx can be difficult. Our goal is to offer the best coding course Bronx based students have access to. Coding boot camps are very often too condensed in terms of their curriculum. We offer a more comprehensive alternative that will develop your skills as a programmer.

Our Web Development Immersive Course will provide you with all the skills you need to get started with your career in web development. Our syllabus is structured to be an optimized coding course for women in the Bronx, NY as well as men in the Bronx, NY. To learn more about our immersive coding courses in the Bronx area, contact us today

We offer the best coding courses for women and men in Bronx, New York.

Code Immersives works to provide the perfect coding courses for women and men in the Bronx and the surrounding areas. Our NY campus is incredibly easy to get to for students in every borough. If you’re in the Bronx, the Web Development Immersive course can take you from all the way programming basics to more advanced topics that will help you in your career.

Topics Covered in the Web Development Immersive Course

  • The Code Immersives Web Development Immersive program is comprised of 12 courses of 75 hours each, for a total of 900 hours of instruction.
  • During this 11-month program, students receive in-depth training in two full stacks: LAMP (Php-MySQL) and MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js).
  • Other important technologies that also have their own 75-hour courses include: API’s (including Google and IBM Watson), and Python.

Our Web Development Certification can be the first step toward your career as a web developer!

Code Immersives offers financial aid options for qualifying students. We are also a V.A. authorized coding school in New York. If you want to put your G.I. Bill benefits to using, contact us today. Learning to code can be a great transition from a military career to a career in the private sector.

Web Development Course Bronx

We participate in Title IV Federal Student Financial Assistance programs. U.S. citizens or permanent residents may qualify for one or more financial assistance programs. Enroll in our course and get your career started the right way.

Learn. Code. Create. The Web Development Immersive course at Code Immersives is the perfect choice for students seeking a coding course in Bronx. We’ll help you become a fully capable developer.

We are way more than just another coding course or programming boot camp in NYC. We even offer employment assistance services for our graduate students that are looking for industry employment. Our programs are perfect for both men and women who want to learn to code.

Looking for coding courses in Bronx, contact us today!

Classes are available during both the daytime and nighttime for students that need a coding course in Bronx. Our campus is located in the heart of NYC, so it is an easy commute if you are worried about the lack of coding courses in Bronx. Call today to learn more.