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INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WELCOME TO NEW YORK CITY AND THE BEST WEB DEVELOPMENT TRAINING ANYWHERE! Digital Film Academy’s Code Immersives is authorized to enroll foreign students under the F1 student visa. Please take notice – visas take time to process. We strongly suggest that you contact Admissions at TO OBTAIN AN I-20 First apply to the DFA Code Immersives (either online or by mailing or faxing an application). International Students are required to provide a $500 tuition deposit and fill out an I-20 application along with the enrollment application. Once received, we will process the application and send your I-20 to you. You will take your I-20 to the US Embassy or Consulate for your F1 visa appointment.

You will need to provide evidence that you have the funds available to pay for the entire cost of your tuition and living expenses. An interview at a US Embassy or Consulate is required to apply for a visa. It can take from a few days to a few weeks to get an interview, please contact the US Embassy in your country to determine how long it takes to get an interview and be granted a visa.

If you are currently in the US as a student on an F-1 visa you can transfer your I-20 to Digital Film Academy’s Code Immersives.

Also if you are currently in the US on a tourist or other visa, you can submit a “Change of Status” application (form I539). Please contact the DFA Code Immersives Office of Admissions for more information and assistance.

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