Python Programming Immersive
3 Terms (900 Hours)

  • 15 Class Room Sessions

    15 Lab Sessions total

  • 2 Hours per Classroom Session

    2 Hours per Lab Session

  • Total 45 Classroom Hours Per Module

    30 Lab Hours Total Per Module

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This Immersives course is divided into 12 Modules. The modules build up progressively from teaching the language fundamentals, to basic Backend Programming with with Database programming and Web Programming. The First 3 modules deal with teaching the language fundamentals.

The next 3 modules teach backend and Web Basics. Learn SQL, Database normlazation and Web Protocols.

The next 3 modules teach Python Web Programming with the Django Framework. The idea is to teach the student marketable skills while also teaching language fundamantals and topics that will be used by the student throughout his / her programming career.

Term 1:Total Hrs: 300Class Hours: 180Lab Hrs: 120
CIS-PY-1 Python Language Basics and Data StructuresCIS-PY-2 Python Functions, OOP and Namespaces.CIS-PY-3 Python Packages, Namespaces and File IO, Exception Handling and LoggingCIS-PY-4 Python Exception Handling, Unit Testing, References and Garbage Collection and Database Normalization
Term 2:Total Hrs: 300Class Hours: 180Lab Hrs: 120
CIS-PY-5: Database Queries, Joins, Intro to Version ControlCIS-PY-6 Introduction to Web Programming Basics, REST Protocol, MVC and Intro to Django.CIS-PY-7 Django Apps Restful API’s. What is the REST Protocol. Create Restful Apps in Django.CIS-PY-8 Building Rapid Websites with Django. Using Django Forms, Views and Model Forms.
Term 3:Total Hrs: 300Class Hours: 180Lab Hrs: 120
CIS-PY-9 API and Building Django apps with API’sCIS-CPREP Career Prep and Portfolio DevelopmentCIS-PY 11 Computer Systems, Networks & Security: Prerequisites for AWSCIS-AWS AWS Cloud Computing Architecture Associate

Course Overview and Syllabus

Course Text Books:

  • Learning Python ( 5 edition ) by Mark Lutz – O’Reilly Publications
  • Django Unleashed – Andrew Pinkham
  • Official Django Documentation
  • Official Python Documentation
  • Official Postgresql Documentation

Each Module is a total of 75 Hours. 45 Classroom instruction hours and 30 Lab hours

The entire program consists of 900 Hours in total. 75 Hours per module x 12 Modules

The last 3 modules are for AWS and Career training.

Modules 1,2,3

Modules 4,5,6

Modules 7,8,9

Modules 10, 11, 12

Python Programming Language

Backend and Databases and Web Fundamentals

The Django Web Framework

AWS Deployment and Career Resume Skills