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The Code Immersives Web Development Immersive program consists of 12 courses of 75 hours each, for a total of 900 hours of instruction.

During this 11-month program, students receive in-depth training in two full stacks: LAMP (Php-MySQL) and MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js). Other important technologies that also have their own 75-hour courses include: API’s (including Google and IBM Watson), and Python.

The final two courses include servers, networking, security and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Architect official training.

The latest implementations of HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive (mobile-first) design are covered, including Flexbox and CSS Grid layout. We invite you to explores our program offerings in depth and we extend to you an open invitation to visit the school and sit in on a class at no charge or obligation.

Web Development Immersive with AWS Assoc Certification

Training in two full, industry leading stacks: LAMP and MERN

Code Immersive is dedicated to providing students with the programming skills they need to enter the digital job market or advance their existing career. We provide an in-depth education in full stacks: LAMP (PHP-MySQL) and MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js). PHP is used by more than 80 percent of all websites use dynamic data, while the MERN stack is the cutting-edge choice of numerous startups. The 900-hour program includes extensive training in Javascript, from beginning through advanced, as well as courses in API’s (Application Prgramming Interfaces) and Python Data Science. Fully one-sixth of the training is dedicated to systems, networks, security and Amazon Web Services (AWS) official Architect certified training.


– Students receives a Code Immersive Certificate in Web Development

– Students who pass the AWS exam will receive official AWS Cloud Architect Associate certifications.


Full Time, 900 hours 20hrs per week. Daytime schedule.

Equipment Provided

All students will receive a new MacBook Pro laptop.


    Term 1

  • 01: Html, CSS & Responsive Design
  • 02: Javascript, JSON & AJAX
  • 03: LAMP Stack: PHP-MySQL:Search App, CRUD, Admin CMS
  • 04: LAMP Stack: PHP-MySQL:Social Network

    Term 2

  • 05: Python: Data Structures & Algorithms
  • 06: Restful APIs
  • 07: Advanced Javascript
  • 08: Javascript Libraries

    Term 3

  • 09: MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express.js & Node.js
  • 10: MERN Stack: React.js
  • 11: Systems, Servers, Networks (AWS prerep)
  • 12: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Cloud Architect Assoc


Tuition (Academic Year)
Material fee + Technology fee
$1970 + $110