900 hours of Python Development with Machine Learning Program

Learn Python Web Programming in Manhattan, NY

Term 1 – 15 weeks (300 hours) – Introduction Python Development: The Starter Phase

In term one, new students will learn the foundations of Python development, algorithmic thinking, and computer programming. This term is designed to prepare the student to become a junior Python developer. Upon completion of the first term, the student will have completed three full projects using Python as well as core libraries like Django, and visualization modules like Matplotlib.

Theory and Concept of Python web development and programming | GIT | CLI (Command Line Interface) | Python Functions | Django | Intro to Algorithms and Data-Structure | Data Visualization

Coding School and Python classes in NYC

Term 2 – 15 weeks (300 hours) – Deep Dive Advanced Python Development: The Junior Phase

In term two, the students are introduced to web frameworks and backend development with Python. Students will explore machine learning techniques, data analysis/manipulation, and visualization while pushing themselves toward becoming mid-level developers.

DOM manipulation | Python Object Oriented Programming | Machine Learning with TensorFlow & many Python ML Libraries for Computer Vision and Data Analysis|

Coding School and MERN Stack classes in NYC

Term 3 – 15 weeks (300 hours) – Presentation, Interview Preparation and Amazon Web Service (AWS): The Senior Phase

In term three, students will dive even deeper into more advanced topics as listed below. Our focus then further expands into cloud computing and fully authorized AWS training in preparation for an Amazons high demand level one certification exam. Students will build and present an industry level capstone projects designed to incorporate a wide range of technologies with real-world applications. Regular career preparedness through interview preparation, one on one study and prep sessions, and unparalleled student to teacher interaction will give your training with us a strong finish.

Advanced Algorithms and Data-structure | Recursion | Linked-Lists | Binary Trees | Stacks | Arrays | Hash Tables | Amazon Web Service | EC2 | S3 Bucket | Interview questions | Toy problems | SQL


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