"> AWS Curriculum – Code Immersives

AWS Curriculum

UNIT 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Leveraging Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Economics and Total Cost of Ownership

UNIT 2: Getting Started with AWS

  • AWS Compute, Storage, and Networking
  • Lab: Creating Amazon EC2 instances with Microsoft Windows
  • Lab: Build Your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Launch a Web Server
  • Lab: Working with Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • AWS Security, Identity, and Access Management
  • Lab: Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • AWS Database Options
  • Lab: Build Your Database Server and Interact with Your Database using an Application
  • AWS Elasticity and Management Tools Lab: Scale and Load Balance Your Architecture

UNIT 3: Architecting on AWS

Part 1: Introduction to System Design
  • AWS Essentials Review
  • Designing Your Environment
  • Lab: Deploy a Web Application on AWS
  • Group discussion: Forklift an Existing Application onto AWS
  • System Design for High Availability (Part I & II)
  • Lab: Making Your Environment Highly Available

Part 2: Automation and Serverless Architectures

  • Event-Driven Scaling
  • Lab: Using Auto Scaling with AWS Lambda and Lifecycle Hooks
  • Automating Your Infrastructure
  • Lab: Creating an Amazon VPC with AWS CloudFormation Mid-curriculum project
  • Decoupling Your Infrastructure
  • Designing Web-Scale Storage
  • Lab: Caching Static Files with Amazon CloudFront
  • Lab: Implementing a Serverless Architecture with AWS Managed Services
  • Group discussion: Build an Environment for a New Web Application

Part 3: Well-Architected Best Practices

  • Introducing the Well-Architected Framework
  • Well-Architected Pillar 1: Security
  • Well Architected Pillar 2: Reliability
  • Lab: Multi-Region Failover with Amazon Route 53
  • Well Architected Pillar 3: Performance Efficiency
  • Well Architected Pillar 4: Cost Optimization
  • Lab: Launching EC2 Spot Instances with Auto Scaling and Amazon CloudWatch

Part 4: Deployment and Implementation

  • Troubleshooting
  • Design Patterns and Sample Architectures
  • Lab: Using AWS Services to Enhance a Web Application

Final project Recommended

  • AWS Certification Exam Readiness Workshop (e-learning)
  • Testing Center Information and Expectations
  • Exam Overview and Structure
  • Content Domains and Question Breakdown
  • Topics and Concepts with Content Domains
  • Question Structure and Interpretation Techniques
  • Practice Exam Questions