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JavaScript (JS) is a high level programming language used to create web and mobile application interfaces and visually appealing websites. It is a prototype-based, multi paradigm language with first class functions that supports object oriented and functional programming styles.

It is one of the three essential technologies, the other two being HTML and CSS, that are used for content production on the World Wide Web.

In addition to its web based applications Javascript is also used to create interactive PDF documents, site specific browsers and desktop widgets. And with the advent of JavaScript virtual machines and related platforms, JS is becoming increasingly popular for server side web applications as well.

Learning JavaScript can open up many new avenues of opportunities for someone planning to pursue a career as a web developer. It is a rewarding line of work where you get to exercise your creative skills every day, and it pays very well!

So if you are looking for a place to learn JavaScript, Code Immersives is the perfect place for you.

Following a curriculum that progresses step by step, first covering the basics and gradually moving on to more advanced concepts, we will make sure that your learning experience is a seamless and effective process.

If the thought of creating amazing web applications through a lucrative career as a JavaScript developer sounds intriguing, Contact us and we will explain how you can easily become an expert at JS through consistent daily lessons from Code Immersives.