Javascript, AJAX & JSON


Javascript (JS) is the programming language of the Web, and the only fully-featured language that can run entirely in the browser. JS powers the behaviors and interactivity of virtually all Websites today, and is an absolute must-have skill for today’s developers.

At Code Immersives, students start learning Javascript with Course 02, but that is only the springboard; fully half our courses rely heavily on Javascript, including the LAMP and MERN Stack courses, the API's course and, of course, Advanced Javascript.

JSON and AJAX are subsets of Javascript; JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a format by which data is loaded and exchanged by Web Applications, which AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) refers to a set of Javascript methods and properties that load data onto the webpage asynchronously, without the entire page reloading. AJAX is key to building SPA's (Single Page Applications).

75 hours = 4 credits