Introduction to Unix/BSD/Linux

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A clear understanding of how POSIX (Unix, BSD, Linux) operating systems work is a needed foundation for any web developer. Over 66% of the active web sites on the internet are built on top of FreeBSD, NetBSD, GNU/Linux, Mac OS-X, or Solaris. The developer who is comfortable working on these systems is the developer who will produce the best results.

  • What is an operating system
  • Why do we need operating systems
  • History of Unix/BSD/Linux
  • Multics
  • AT&T Bell Labs
  • Early Program Conventions
  • File System Layout
  • Impact of U.C. Berkely
  • Minix
  • AT&T/BSDI Suit and the Rise of Linux
  • *BSD, Unix, and GNU/Linux compared
  • Philosophy of Unix
  • Logging in and basic use
  • What is a shell?
  • sh and csh compared
  • csh programming dangerous
  • Command Line Basics
  • Man is your friend
  • Files and Processes
  • Case matters
  • Frequently used commands
  • cat, man, more, less, grep, ps
  • Editing Files with vi
  • Input/Output
  • The three standard file handles
  • Redirection
  • Files and Processes
  • File Permissions
  • pipelines
  • File systems, Files and Directories
  • Devices
  • What is a file system?
  • File System types
  • Basic File System Considerations
  • Directories
  • Files
  • Links
  • Security
  • Groups
  • Passwords