How do you declare an empty array in JavaScript?

You have two main ways to go: simple declaration with square brackets.The cool kids are using the former method, nowadays, but if you have a sports car or are friends with at least one C-list-or-bette…

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How do I get out of an infinite loop using JavaScript

So, you wanna know how to escape an infinite loop, eh? Wait til it slows down to around 30 iterations per second, and then throw yourself out the passenger door. Try to hit the ground in such a way…

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What can’t you do with JavaScript?

Javascript cannot run a trout line or skin a buck, but it can do most everything in the browser and, with Node, on the backend…

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How do you play audio files on Javascript?

Easy peasy if you just want to play audio, such as an MP3 file. You can even make the Audio object in pure JS, no need to add an

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