How We Teach

We begin with the basics of Linux/BSD/Unix and Networking so the student has a solid foundation and a good understanding of the servers for which they are coding.

Developers and designers work in teams. Our instructors have been team members and team leads on programming projects that use Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript, MySQL on Linux and BSD servers.

They understand the full rich multidiscipline environment that is today's web development landscape.

Because our teachers are all working professionals we approach taking a student from no experience to junior developer level by not just traditional classroom instruction, but by providing real world development projects that require team collaboration.

Students are not only exposed to the hottest web technologies, but they are also exposed to development and collaboration tools used in today's LAMP Stack Shops. Our students are taught and make use of things like git, apache, make, and MySQL.

Our goal is to graduate well equipped and well rounded developers who will feel right at home on any modern development team.